Loan Terms
Type Agro credit for purchasing new agricultural equipment
Limit for 100% VAT financing
Loan object Purchase of agricultural machines from official dealers
Target group Legal entities and Private farmers, applying for operational programs 2015 - 2020

Min. 12 months

Max. 60 months

Limit for VAT finance - max. 6 months 
Currency BGN / EUR
Loan amount

Minimum loan amount: EUR 8000, maximum 85 % from purchase price

Possibility for dditional limit for 100% VAT fundingС

Negotiable interest rates: fixed or floating

Payment plan

Regular or seasonal instalments

Management fee

0.5%per annum of the outstanding amoun

Early repayment fee

Without fees for early repayment only in case of grant funding, otherwise - 3%

Without fees for early repayment of VAT limit
Insurance "CASCO insurance for agriclultural equipment" in favor of the State Agriculture Fund and RLBG , payable by the customer, valid for the entire period of the loan and covering  100 % of the value of agricultural equipment, concluded annually or for the entire period