Heavy vehicles

Lease of trucks, trailers and semi-trailers

Leasing Terms

  New Used
Lesee Companies Companies
Minimum financed ammount 4 000 EUR 4 000 EUR
Tenor up to 60 months up to 48 months
Down payment min. 15% min. 15%
Currency EUR (payment in BGN also optional)
Leasing scheme Annuity monthly installments
Age of the asset At the end of tenor the asset must not be older than 8 years
Insurance Insurance against all risks in favor of Raiffeisen Leasing for the lease period

Required Documents

  • A filled out “Request for a lease” form and an offer for the lease asset from the supplier/purveyor
  • Memorandum of Association or a Certificate of Incorporation, signed from the Lessee’s company manager
  • Identification documents from the individual or individuals which are representing the Lessee company
  • Duly signed Financial statements for past period in the current year and for the last two years