Real Estate

Are you looking to buy real estate? Or, you own real estate property and would like to free the invested resources, using them without presenting documents proving the aim of their usage?

Raiffeisen Leasing Bulgaria would like to offer you a new product for the Bulgarian market, namely real estate leasing.

Leasing Terms
Lesee Companies
Minimal purchase price 300 000 EUR
Tenor Negotiable
Down payment min. 25%
Currency EUR (payment in BGN also optional)
Leasing scheme Annuity monthly installments
Insurance Insurance against all risks in favor of Raiffeisen Leasing for the lease period

Why leasing?

  • Longer maturity
  • Use the facility as your own
  • Acquire property and pay a monthly/quarterly lease payment lower than monthly rent
  • Receive fair market value of the asset /buy-back/
  • Without additional collateral
  • Interest-free financing of VAT
  • One-off arrangement fee
  • Competitive pricing conditions
  • Leasing payments reduce taxable income
  • Leasing as a product improves the odds of the balance of the lessee, respectively - the rating of the company
  • Shortest possible time to finalize the transaction

The Partner we are looking for?

Entities registered under the Commerce Act

The Property we offer?

Offices, office buildings, warehouses, logistics centers, shops and other commercial sites