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For lessees

Who can current clients contact on various issues related to leasing contracts?

Еach client is served by a certain contract administrator during the term of the leasing contract. If necessary, clients are redirected to other employees in the company. To find out the name and contact data of your contract administrator, call us at tel. 02 / 4919191.

Where can information about unpaid amounts on leasing contracts be obtained?

It can be obtained from your contract administrator or from the site for electronic invoices, where in the filter field above the list of invoices status "To be payed" should be marked (information here is updated every 2 or 3 working days).

What are the peculiarities of invoicing and payment of installments for leasing contracts with advance invoicing of value-added tax /VAT/?

The financed by us amount (principal) is invoiced in full amount on the date of signing the Protocol for acceptance of the leased asset by the lessee. During the lease term you will receive invoices only for the interest part of the installments, but you will also owe principal amount according to the payment plan. For your convenience, the amount of the principal for the respective installment will be stated in the description of the electronic invoices that you will receive for the interest.

The first leasing installment becomes due on the chosen by you maturity day in the month of the acceptance of the property. If the acceptance is after that day, installments start from the next month.
Example: In case you chose the 10th for maturity day and accept the property on 5th April, payment plan will start from 10th April. If the handing over of property is carried out on 18th April, the first installment will be due on 10th May.
Important: You will not receive invoice for the first installment, because it does not contain interest.

What documents are required for use of the leased vehicle abroad?

You will need a notary certified power of attorney and Green Card certificate (required only for some countries). The first power of attorney is free of charge, the subsequent are charged according to the tariff. Payment of the Green Card is according to the tariff of the insurer.

In case the insurer does not cover some risks under CASCO policy for a particular country (usually these are Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Russia, Belarus, Afghanistan, Armenia) additional premium may need to be paid in order to ensure full insurance coverage.

How and by whom is annual technical inspection of the leased vehicle performed?

The lessee is obliged to pass the annual technical inspection /ATI/ of the leased vehicle and bear the costs for it. Before that, you should contact your contract administrator who will provide you with the necessary documents - a copy of the Registration certificate part I and paid vehicle tax.

What should be done in case of lost or stolen documents of a leased vehicle?

In case of stolen documents, notifying Ministry of Interior could be done, but is not mandatory.

For lost or stolen registration certificate Part II (small certificate), please fill in the respective declaration form (you can get it from your contract administrator or download it from the section "Forms") and send it to us. "Raiffeisen Leasing" will ensure the issuance of a new certificate, for which you will have to pay the stipulated in the tariff fee for amendments in the registration.

Control card and / or original insurance policy Civil Liability can be reissued. For this purpose, please contact the respective insurance broker. If this is "Raiffeisen Insurance Broker", you could contact your contract administrator who will assist you.

Annual technical inspection card can not be reissued. It is necessary to pass a new inspection.

Powers of attorney for Bulgaria and abroad can be reissued, the latter are charged according to the tariff.

What should be done in case of missing registration plate of a leased vehicle?

Upon detection of a missing registration plate, you should inform the local police department and your contract administrator. The vehicle should pass a new registration at the Traffic Police, which will be carried out by "Raiffeisen Leasing". You will be invoiced the fee for amendments in the registration.

What should be done in case of lost or stolen key of the leased vehicle?

Upon detection of the absence, immediate measures should be taken to protect the vehicle (not to be left unattended, preferably to be in a garage or parking). You should inform your contract administrator and fill in the respective request form (you can get it from your contract administrator or download it from the section "Forms") in order to receive for temporary use the second key stored at "Raiffeisen Leasing".

After receiving it you should order at an authorized dealer of the vehicle brand making a new key and after that recoding of keys, at your expense. When returning the second key to "Raiffeisen Leasing", you should submit to us copies of invoices and other documents certifying the above operations, because we have to send them to the insurer. Some insurers may require also to make an inspection of the vehicle.
Important: In case of theft of the leased vehicle, the insurance company may refuse to pay indemnity if all locking devices are not presented in the stipulated terms.

How can a leasing contract be transferred to another party?

Changing the lessee is subject to the approval of "Raiffeisen Leasing". It is necessary to fill in an application form (you can get it from your contract administrator or download it from the section "Forms"). The request will be processed by a sales manager who will require additional documents from the person or legal entity wishing to enter into the contract and after approval an agreement for the change will be signed. For consideration of the request and for changing the lessee, fees are charged according to the current tariff.

 In case of transformation of a lessee that is a commercial enterprise or sale of a sole proprietor, it is enough to inform your contract administrator. The change in the contract will take effect from the date of entry of the change in the Commercial Register. No fees are due.

How is partial or full repayment of a lease done?

It is necessary to send us a filled in request form (you can get it from your contract administrator or download it from the section "Forms").

In case of partial repayment, after receipt of the amount, the payment plan will be recalculated and the new plan will be sent to the e-mail address provided by you.

For full repayment before the expiry of the contract, you will receive from your contract administrator a calculation of the amounts due, then you can make a payment.

Individuals do not pay fee for early repayment. For other clients fees are stipulated in the leasing contract and the general conditions to it.


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